An Innocent Abroad: Heidelberg, Germany


Welcome to An Innocent Abroad – and by that, I mean, I am looking to myself as one of the contributing writers to An Innocent Abroad, which if you’ve ever thought of traveling, I highly recommend you read it.

I want to post about my life abroad in a realistic way – I am not looking to post about my fabulous travels, although you can expect to see them here. In addition to those, I want to post about the hard parts of being away from Malibu and completely out of my comfort zone. I am a sarcastic asshole (sorry for the language, mom) so expect to see a lot of sarcasm that comes along while I am here.

So here’s what my first week in Germany was like…

The great thing about Germany is the change in the weather…it’s super refreshing because there’s snow and cold and being from Malibu, I don’t really see any of those things. The weather literally makes me want to sing Let It Go like 24/7. I’m not even kidding. I would sing it but, like, trying not to look like a tourist over here.

Secondly, the Heidelberg Castle; spoiler Alert: that’s Schloss Heidelberg. I live right at the side of it and the view actually continuously takes my breath away every day.

However, the castle may be relatively close, but the distance between everyone else isn’t great. I miss my family, I miss my boyfriend, and I miss my friends.

But, chin up buttercup, because it can only go uphill from here.



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