An Innocent Abroad: Venice, Italy


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Here’s a little recap of my time in Venice, from the food, to the events, to the beverages (yeah, the adult ones…like the fun ones).

Oh my, there is so much to talk about when it comes to Venice. First of all, I was welcomed into the city and able to stay in the most beautiful house – three stories, on the canals, and with a Jacuzzi tub.

But the city…water taxis, bridges, and gondolas OH MY. I preferred to walk from Giardini (where my house was) to St. Mark’s Square, and it was only a couple of miles…put that on top of the fact it wasn’t freezing like good, old Germany, and I was super content.

The city of Venice is massive. The best way I can describe it if you haven’t been there is that it’s like a maze. But if you need to find your way back home, you can just head towards the water and you’ll find a taxi boat in no time.

I spent most of my time in St. Mark’s Square and while I was there, I went to the Doge’s Palace which was BREATHTAKING. The ceilings were so intricate and grand. It was phenomenal and I literally took nine million pictures but I’ll save you from viewing them.

And y’all, the pasta is ridiculous. I carbo-loaded like none other, starting with pasta for breakfast and ending with…ummm…more pasta for dinner. Also there was no way I was going to Italy and not having gelato. As if! It may have been “too cold” for gelato, but at least it didn’t drip on me, right?

Now stop and read about Harry’s. Fun fact: this beautiful bar was the BIRTHPLACE of the BELLINI. Yes, it is definitely pricey, but it is so packed and everyone comes for the delicious Bellini. And I mean, the peach in it was so fresh and natural – you definitely can’t get the same thing in America or from a bottle. I highly recommend it if you are planning to go to Italy in the near or distant future.

The people are what made Carnevale so fantastic. These women and men were in full ball gowns…the works. I can’t even describe it to you, so you just need to book your ticket and go next week or next year. Go at some point in your life!

Venice is stunning – the view, the food, the fun. I’m fulfilled by my travels there, I look forward to the day I can go back with my little family, and am forever dreaming of that gelato.

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