An Innocent Abroad: Frankfurt, Germany








Frankfurt…the most beautiful, quaint, little town I have been to this far. I mean, I wanted to sit on a little bench, drinking coffee, and reading Stephen King (not fitting, but he’s my favorite author) for the rest of my life.

There was so much that this town offered me. I was able to go to the Städel Museum and admire some of my favorite artists in the world and have their works within inches of my face. And when I say inches, I mean, so close that I got yelled at because I was too close to a Rembrandt painting. Sorry, not sorry. I was able to go into the museum before it opened with my friend, Dirkch, who thankfully had enough notoriety to get us in, that way I could scream and cry (not joking) in peace when I encountered Albrecht Dürer’s artwork. P.S. Dürer is my all time FAVORITE artist.

Albrecht Dürer is my favorite artist. I was introduced to him through my middle-school art teacher and have been OBSESSED with him since then. I’ve done countless art dissertations on him and studied him from middle school through college. So, yes, I legitimately cried when I saw his work in the flesh for the first time ever. I also snagged some snapshots of a Portrait of a Young Woman with Her Hair Down and Job on the Dungheap in between my tears.

I had the best time exploring a new place, the sun was out so it wasn’t unbearably cold, and the company was even better. Follow me next week to Budapest, Hungary where I get to reunite with some of my sorority sisters and go in a community bath or something like that!

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I was a guest of Städel Museum, thanks to Dirkch, but as always, my opinions are my own.

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