An Innocent Abroad: Barcelona, Spain





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Holaaaa, it’s me again, big shocker there. I’m pretty good about keeping my promises, so here I am hitting you with my favorite things about Barcelona!

Museu Picasso

So, I am sure this comes to you as no surprise, since all I do is annoy you about my love of art. If you have the opportunity to go, please do. It’s so very intriguing to see the progression of Picasso’s work from when he was an art student, to the time he had truly found his calling.

Although you are not allowed to take pictures, I snagged a few for you. But no worries, if you are interested in seeing more, they have some up on their website and Google is always great.


“You lean in and your lips taste like Sangria…”

Blake Shelton sure knew what he was talking about when he wrote this song, and if it wasn’t a few years old, then I would assume he was talking about me and my lips in Spain. Once that clock struck noon, the Sangria started flowing in my blood. What? I was on vacation, there’s no happy hour times.

The best place that I had Sangria the whole week was at Casa Tomasa. The location was right on the beach and it was piled with fruit, juice, and wine. It was sweet and tbh my mouth is watering by just reminiscing on it. The other location that I would highly recommend going to was called Lolea and they had a wonderful majority – literally all four of their unique Sangrias were phenomenal.

La Sagrada Familia

Please tell me that you anticipated that this section was coming. I think of myself as a Basilica expert, because no matter what part of the world I go to, I always seem to find a church, basilica, or mosque to go explore.

But La Sagrada…WOWZA. It’s massive, like huge.

Sidenote: I think it’s really awesome that this basilica is still a work in progress. One of the girls I traveled with pointed out that so many churches are from completely different centuries and that it’s so cool to be a part of one being created. I couldn’t agree more and I can’t wait to go back in 2026 and see it when it’s supposedly going to be completed. Shout out to Gaudi for his genius when it came to all of his architecture, but especially this one in particular.

So, yeah, as you can tell I thoroughly enjoyed myself in Spain, and thankfully/sadly there are too many memories that make my heart smile but would overwhelm you to include all of them.

So, I leave the sunshine, great friends, and warm weather of Spain to head to the city of love with the sweetest fam I could ever ask for. Oh, that’s Paris, if you didn’t get that reference.

Ciao, and always, thanks for letting me share my chaotic life with you.



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Hannah was a guest of the Museu Picasso as well as therestaurants attended. As always, my opinions are my own.

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