An Innocent Abroad: Brugge, Belgium

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I woke up this morning after a night filled with SWEET dreams of waffles and hot chocolate. I dreamt of cups that were as big as my head and sunshine and warmer weather. But, I woke up…and all I could say was that, “10 out of 10, I would Belgium again.”

Wow, Belgium, wow…honestly, Belgium has never been on my radar minus going to brunch across the pond and seeing the menu option for Belgian Waffles. So, when my friend, Dani, asked if I was down to go, I was indifferent.

It was the BEST decision that I have ever made. I even said that between Paris and Brugge, it’s hard to pick a favorite trip. So, let’s get to the good part…

My absolute favorite part of this trip was venturing down to The Old Chocolate House. I had spoken to a lot of people about what to do in Brugge, and all of them recommended going to this cozy little shack for some hot chocolate.

What’s really cool is that they bring you this boiling bowl (can I even call it a cup at this point?) of hot milk and a chocolate cup full of chocolate chips. Next, you dump the cup and chips into the milk and stir it around until it’s all melted, which doesn’t take long.

Soon enough, your hot chocolate is ready to be enjoyed. And let me tell you, it is an out of body experience. I literally cried because of how wonderful it was. If you had told me that I could stay there all year and drink hot chocolate, I totally would have, but I have to be in a bikini in Santorini in three days so I opted out of that option.

But the hot chocolate wasn’t the only heavenly menu option at this perfect restaurant. When in Belgium, you HAVE to have a waffle, right? Well, I had waffles at The Old Chocolate House, and I’m pretty sure it only took me about three minutes to scarf down that bad boy. Sadly, they were out of strawberries, but I got my waffle with hot cherries, and it was such a wonderful choice. Screw the bikini, I’ll buy a one piece if that means I can eat these waffles whenever I please.

Brugge was literally something out of a fairytale. You could be walking down the cobble stone streets and there would be people on bikes, mixed with people driving Range Rovers, and then a horse drawn carriage behind them.

They say the company you keep rubs off on ya, and you know, I have got to keep Dufy around, because all I did was laugh and enjoy myself, and that’s the kind of friendships I need in my life.

Now, I have a short turn over until I am off to Santorini for a week in the sun and sand. Any suggestions on what I should do besides bring my Pinterest board to life? Let me know!

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