Wine and Welcome Home





I have found my cure from the separation anxiety that I have been having with Europe. The cure, as I’ve learned it is with most things, are strong laughs that come from deep within your belly with friends that have been by your side for countless years.

As I drove from my house in Austin to my sweet Samantha’s house in Corpus Christi, I found butterflies in my stomach. I think life goes this way when you’ve been away from familiarity for so long – there’s a calming feeling of nostalgia but an anxious feeling of change. Thankfully, Samantha and I only have the best of times when we are together.

So, when I arrived, we decided it was only perfect to have a Wine and Welcome (Hannah home) gal-pal catch up session. It was so fabulous. Any reason to dress up, is absolutely reasonable and rational, and so we put on our cutest sundresses and sipped wine on the back porch while we caught up on the past year of each other’s lives.

When I talk to Samantha, I see so much of myself within her except she’s so much better. She has the most contagious smile, sees the good in every person she interacts with, and radiates beams of sunshine.

Samantha is easily the most fashionable lady I know and I love talking to her about Kate Spade, Vogue, and what Lauren Conrad is up to lately…

As this week and month of April comes to a close, which I am bummed about because good-bye birthday month, I am excited for summer and new adventures in work and life. But, with April behind me, a huge thank you to Teen Vogue for thinking I was stylish enough to participate in their Teen Vogue Spring It On outfit collaboration. I had so much fun throwing together my favorite outfit to step out and go to the flower markets in!

Shirt – really old, but off-the-shoulder blouses are back trending and I’ve linked a similar one here.
Shorts – high-waist, light wash from American Eagle. Similar ones are linked here.
Shoes – Birkenstocks in their Relax line.
Earrings – Kendra Scott Sophee Drop earrings in gold.

“A hot dog at the ball park is better than a steak at the Ritz.”

Join me next week as I gush about my favorite sport, brag on my little brothers, and share some of my favorite attire to wear when I take myself out to a ballgame! See ya then!

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