Cinco de Fiesta!


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There are three days in the calendar year that get me really excited about life…the Fourth of July, Peru’s Independence Day, and Cinco de Mayo. I am not Peruvian nor am I Mexican, but I love the way the two cultures embrace these days and celebrate them.

So, I told my family that I was going down and getting as close to the Mexican border as possible and buying a piñata that was pretty enough to look at while I sipped on a margarita. I wasn’t kidding…just wait.

Now, I know you could be confused that I am not popping champagne in celebration, but I wanted to be well-cultured. I know that having a piñata and margarita does not make me Mexican in any way at all, but it’s the thought that counts.

A Throwback…

I remember being in elementary school and then onto high school and we would celebrate Cinco de Mayo every year – there would be HUGE celebrations with masks, beautiful dresses, and the most delicious empanadas. It was always so fun and some of my fondest childhood memories.

Fast forward twenty years, and I am sitting in my backyard under fiesta flags, sipping on a sunset margarita, and enjoying the South Texas heat. I was able to make empanadas and pastries for my family (jk I put them on a plate after purchasing them from a bakery). But I did make the margs and the dinner as well as setting up my Mexican playground.

The décor may not be that of a Mexico native, but I’ve learned from hosting this party amongst others, that I must create an experience. The experience is that of a hot summer day, celebrating in a victorious way.

Cinco de Mayo may have evolved into Cinco de Drinko, but the concept still stands true. It’s a time of celebration of the Mexican victory over the French (shout out to the underdogs) where you can join with friends and family. Just like Kate Spade, I believe in celebrations, big or small.

Attached is a Sunset Margarita Recipe and you can whip one up really quick, sit back, and enjoy as tomorrow is Monday and you should start it off right.

sign off image

A special thank you to Target for their piñatas and impeccable rompers.

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