Teen Vogue and Texas





I had lunch with one of my best friends this week and we talked about boys and life and trying to figure it all out before we’re dead. The answer we came to was inconclusive. Love is so tricky and there is no explanation on how it works or where you go and what you do.

This week I had a photo-shoot that was introduced to me by Teen Vogue, and I realized that right now I am in love with fashion. Always have been, always will be…I guess Carrie Bradshaw and I share that with each other.

So, I trekked down to Seguin, TX and shot with my bestie. The shoot was all about confidently rocking to the beat of my own drum and writing the rules of my life for myself.

I can confidently say that these are the rules of my life…

  1. Give a girl the right pair of sequin pants, and she can tackle any day.
  2. Kendra Scott’s Rogan earrings double as a weapon, if need be.
  3. Whoever said pink is the new black was seriously disturbed.
  4. And, add lipstick and attack.


My little blooms, we will meet again.

sign off image

Hannah was a guest of Teen Vogue and their fragrance advertisement for the August 2016 issue. As always, my opinions are my own. 

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