A Weekend in the Woodlands

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            P.S. yes I work for her, no she did not tell me to write the aforementioned (lol).

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If Austin were New York, then the Woodlands would be equal to the Hamptons in a way. At least for me in this particular weekend it was. I needed a quick getaway for the day that wasn’t home and wasn’t somewhere that I generally go.

So, I packed my car with Kendra Scott goodies and headed northeast. About three hours later, I made it to the Woodlands, and wouldn’t you know…it was pouring rain. But unlike the skies, there was no damper to my day.

With frizzy hair and cheeky grins, I went to visit the Kendra Scott retail store in Spring. I love my job with KS more than anything right now, so even on my days off, I can’t seem to stay away!

Thankfully, I had Kelbye with me…and we shopped until we dropped; or until the rain stopped. Either way, the girls at KS will be happy with the contribution that was made to their commission.

My favorite thing about Kendra Scott is that I’ve been wearing her for five years now and I am still in love. Yes, it is fashion jewelry and not equal to that of an engagement ring or family heirloom – but it’s accessible and affordable for all. It’s beautiful jewelry and unique and even the celebs love it. Kendra has really taken the world by storm, and with her interactive shopping experiences, she really has done what no other designer has.

And you know me, I love food. Most of my trips revolve around food and it’s really a hobby that I put a lot of thought into. I got to try this new cupcake place called Crave Cupcakes and it was to die for. I mean, refer to my tweets, I eat a lot of cupcakes…daily.

However, the ambiance of this place was amazing, the décor was on point, and although I didn’t succumb to tears when I bit into the cake, I probably could on any other day. Yes, I recommend the strawberry one.

So this was my weekend in the Woodlands – full of new adventures, good people, and a continuation of my lasting love for jewelry. Find the nearest KS store to you and try some of my favorite cupcakes (they ship them!) if you have the chance!

See you Wednesday my little sweets…

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Hannah was a guest of Kendra Scott the Woodlands and Crave Cupcakes. As always, my opinions are my own.

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