Bikinis and Barefoot Skating


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I heard this saying once, and it went a little something like this…

“Make friends with flying seagulls, and hold the sun up on your palm, before you duck beneath the water.”

Now, I hate the living day lights out of real birds, but birds of a feather seem to flock together.

We flocked out and flocked up with our inflatable birds. Say what you want, we may be basic, but you know you’re kind of jealous.

I ate two amazing meals, and spent hours at the pool talking and laughing so hard with my flock as I sipped champagne from a mason jar.

I always imagined having that wonderful summer full of adventures and exciting memories, and I didn’t think it would be possible, but I think this bucket list thing has got me inspired.

Who knows what will happen in the next week, but I am so excited for it. See you Sunday, kids.

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