Surfing and Ocean Frolicking





Pensacola, FL…all I can really say to you is wow. I am a huge water bug and never separate myself more than a couple hundred miles from the ocean. So naturally, when I have over a week off from wearing heels and contour, I find myself at the beach.

Florida was a dream, and I’ll let you know why later this week – there were items on my life Bucket List that were crossed off and a lot of sleep lost. But it was worth it, because adventure was out there and I then found myself at Pensacola Beach.

There was a lot of smiling at the end of my trip. I found sand dollars and cheese faces, both making my life a little richer.

There’s not much to say other than to absorb the beach, the sunset, and the sandy feet.I honestly can’t believe that this gets to be my life most days, but am so thankful that it is. I always thought that it was a cliché when people said “the waves of the ocean help me get back to me,” but they do…they really and truly do.

Sea you in a couple of days when I share more about my dreamy destination vacation.

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Hannah was a guest of Spring Hill Suites Pensacola. As always, my opinions are my own. 

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