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As I’m sure you have seen by now, all over my social media, the best trip ever has filled a lot of expectations that I had for the summer.

One of the places that we stayed at in Marfa was El Cosmico. I researched a lot and for months to come to a decision on where we would be staying for this trip, but I never imagined a resort so fabulous and rustic to go glamping at.

While we stayed at El Cosmico, we rented out the Spartan Mansion and made it our home. Although the weather was phenomenal while we were there, I recommend staying in a trailer if you do go in the summer, just in case it is a little warmer.

Our room was fabulous – it was filled with every amenity we could ever think of, the softest and most colorful robes, the coziest bed to crash into after a night of champagne, and an outdoor shower with literally the best water pressure.

We were able to rent bikes for the day and go to the Chinati Foundation and into town, both events that I will write to you about later. We had morning coffee made the old fashioned way – and yes, that means boiling the water and straining it ourselves. We also did not have wifi.

But let me riddle you this one…I loved it. I was snapchatting the entire time about how I could live there forever and be perfectly fine with being trailer-trash. You learned that the area is small and you were going to run into the other members of the campground everywhere that you went…it was inevitable but phenomenal.

The El Cosmico website states:

“El Cosmico also serves as a hub for occasional happenings that elevate the mind, body and creative spirit, and is a great place to get your hands dirty when the need arises.”

I stand by and support this. I thought that it couldn’t be true that I would feel at peace with myself, but I did. It was a magical place and whether it was because of happenings or mystical Marfa lights, it was just the relaxation that the doctor ordered. So, thank you El Cosmico, I loved you and can’t wait to be back.

Join me in a few daisies to chat and frolic about the subject of biking everywhere.

sign off image

Hannah was a guest of El Cosmico. As always, my opinions are my own. 

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