Biking Everywhere

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So, I think of myself to be selectively athletic…and by that, I mean when I want to wander down to the Four Seasons, I have a trainer on retainer who yells at me and makes me sweat out all of the champagne that I’ve had that week.

When I do vacation, I always do the most touristy things ever. When I was in Greece, I rode donkeys everyday…so, riding a donkey is like riding a bike, right?

The only thing that they didn’t warn me about was that unlike the mental naturality of riding a bike, the physical ability is a little different after a few years of riding the pine. I was sore and I am a disappointment to my trainer; I’m no Simone Biles.

But, with my bestie in tow, we biked from El Cosmico to the Chinati Foundation to El Paisano to the pink courthouse that would bring nothing but joy to Elle Woods.

It was so very freakin fun! It was the perfect end to the most magical trip. We took our little blue bikes and painted the little, adobe town with our colorful personalities and contagious laughs.

Ya know, I’d totally recommend it. In a few days, I’ll conclude my last section of my Marfa adventure and how road tripping with friends was more relaxing than one would think.

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