Road Trips with Friends








As promised, I am here to deliver the last section of my Marfa trip…road trips with friends.

Marfa allowed for trips on the road via auto and bicycle, and I think my favorite part was when we biked around town and to the Chinati Foundation.

At the Chinati Foundation, Donald Judd created the iconic and weirdly fascinating 15 Untitled Works in Concrete. They are confusing and awe inspiring and really, really random. They’ve been around for ¼ of a decade and they bewilder the heck out of me.

Not to mention, they are incredibly difficult to find. Corey and I trekked all the way to Prada thinking they would pop out somewhere along our drive. We then went to the Marfa Lights Viewing Center in search of them. We never found them.

I like to think we’re both pretty smart gals, but apparently there was a sign in front of El Cosmico that pointed us in the right direction…we didn’t even notice it until the last day. But, hey, at least we found it.

So, our biking road trip started at El Cosmico, carried on through a trailer park, rounded the corner past a repair shop, and finally brought us to the rocky road that led to the actual concrete jungle. Sorry, New York, Judd took the cake.

The rest was history. Our trusty Terrence gave us the most majestic photos to put Kendall and Gigi to shame and allow us with Instagrams for forever.

And just like that, the Marfa chapter was closed and it is on to picking strawberries.



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