Picking Strawberries…


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This is not a tale of juicy strawberries that quench hunger on the top of Thingstatte. This is me monkey-ing around, them messing and picking my strawberry-blonde hair, and having the opportunity to share what is quite possibly one of the most phenomenal moments of my life.

Baby. Monkeys. Everywhere. Let me start off by saying that maintaining adventure is a major priority in my life, but not always easy to do in Texas like it is in Germany, California, or DC. But after months of inquiries and searching, I found where I could hold and cuddle baby monkeys – something my mom can confirm brings me greater joy than a week at Disney World.

I called my best friend, packed up my car, and drove to the middle of nowhere for the best experience of my entire life. I literally am only going to upload pictures, because I am out of breath just attempting to conjure up some way to describe this experience – there’s just no way.

I am beyond grateful that I have a best friend of a decade to share and add memories like these with, who drives an hour to come meet me in the middle of the work week and join me on reaching my absurd dreams.

I can conclude this with saying that I am sure that I am the female Tarzan and this was me putting my faith in what I most believe in and making my own dreams come true. With the love of monkeys leads me to say that my last adventure of the summer is probably the biggest lesson I have had to learn. Chat soon, but until then, go cuddle a baby chimpie.


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Hannah was a guest of the Baby Room. As always, my opinions are my own.

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