Loving Myself More…

Labor Day is right around the freakin’ corner and I am freaking out! That being said, that means my summer bucket list is DONE! I didn’t finish everything that I wanted to but this list provided so much entertainment and fun mems that I am so forever grateful.

The top moments would definitely be glamping with my bestie, cuddling baby monkeys, and floating a la swan to kick it all off. After working all summer, being involved in the healthiest relationship that I’ve ever had, and making some fantastic friends – I have some exciting news!!


A lot of you guys already know this but I’ve been keeping it low key for the most part, so for those who don’t know, I will no longer be in Malibu or Austin but in our Nation’s capital!


            I am so excited for this, thrilled about my new press job, and elated about discovering a new coast.

With that being said, I could not have made this move without all of the love from my friends, family, (kinda) boyfriend, and support system. This bucket list and all of the people involved in it have allowed me to realize just how loved I am and how learning to love myself this summer granted me the best emotions and relations.


I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on social media that I should focus on travel and that people really love hearing about my experiences. Y’all, this means so much to me! So, with more input and suggestions, I’ll be continuing to travel and discover new things to share here with you all.

With that being said and with me missing my Kendra Scott family, I’ll be heading to Bethesda, Maryland this weekend and can’t wait to find all the hidden treasures there to share with you all.

I love the East Coast, I love you guys, and I love me too. Thank you for the best summer yet.  

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