Brad Paisley: Life Amplified World Tour






“I got a crazy idea, how ’bout maybe tonight
We make up without a fight?”

So, I needed a little (a lot) of Southern Comfort…I’ve been in a weird funk lately for many different reasons and needed a night to listen to someone other than Kanye and who wasn’t so angry at the world.

Telecom offered me a night right up, close, and personal to Mr. Paisley, so I gave him a call, asked if he wanted to hang out, and as evidence provides…my good friend Brad said yes! Okay, well maybe Telecom just gave me these amazing tickets and I went, but whatever.

Anyway, I’ve listened to Brad for basically my entire life, so this concert was amazing! He checked me for ticks, reminded me that some of the best times I’ll never remember are due to alcohol, and that my love affair with water is still relevant.

Tyler Farr and Maddie and Tae opened for him. A moment of respect to Mr. Farr who stood up for our country and our veterans and opposed everything trashy that Kaepernick stands for.

I felt like I was at a bonfire, Saturday night in Texas and so extremely thankful that I rallied together and decided to go, even though I felt like everything was falling apart. Billy Joel said it best…

“I think music in itself is healing.”

Me too, Billy, me too. And thank you to Brad, Tyler, Maddie, and Tae; you all truly gave me a magical night in the North and a little piece of home!


Hannah was a guest of the Life Amplified World Tour and a guest of Telecom. As always, all opinions are my own.


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