The Essence of Keeping Your Mouth Closed


Society, today, is funny as hell. We express our opinions continuously and relentlessly. In return, when a contradicting opinion arises we invoke either fight or flight. Who am I kidding? I can’t even read a person’s post without seeing fights unleash in the comment section.

As a journalist, I typically keep my mouth shut. I have left and right friends and I think they are all spectacular. I live by one rule – don’t bring up money, religion, or politics and your friendship will be everlasting. I dare you to try it.

Also, back to journalism, I want to get a job and if I blab my opinion everywhere, I’m not getting one. I get a lot of questions asking me what my political stance is. Frankly, it’s no one’s damn business. But here’s what you shouldn’t say to me.

What do you know about politics?

I’m basic as hell, say “like” in every sentence, and enjoy that I sometimes resemble a Kardashian. Guess what…I’m a double major and my other degree is in Political Science. I do my research. I’ve been following every presidential campaign since I could recall. I read the physical newspaper every day, watch every debate, and moved to DC to be involved in the election. So, if you ask for my opinion, be prepared for an educated and realistic response.

You only believe what your parents raised you to believe.

Oh, here we go. I didn’t go to college where my parents wanted me to. I moved out of the country to travel during a lot of social unrest in Europe. I spend way too much money to gain experience. But they taught me to be a go-getter and work for every single thing that I have. I was 14 years old when I got my first job and I had to learn how to budget and pay my own expenses. I believe success comes from hard work and dedication, and yes, my parents raised me to believe that.

You’re so selfish.

I work with countless charitable foundations because I want to. I also want my own money because I made it. I want my rights to be my rights because the Constitution states they are. If that makes me selfish, then the shoe fits very comfortably.

You don’t care about the old people…the children…the environment…

But I do though. Please, refer to my definition of me being selfish. If my money gets taken away from me through taxes, I can’t help the people who are in dire need of it.

You’re white so you’re a racist. You don’t understand it.

Slow your roll there, buddy. I definitely do understand and I do care about everyone. It would be amazing if everyone could get jobs and earn their way to success just like I’m trying to do. I do believe that there should be legal, documented citizenship (not a wall, that’s ridiculous) so that everyone can have equal opportunity and contribute to society. I think if we want equality, a word we use too much, then people need to view themselves and treat themselves as Americans and pay taxes, get jobs, and experience daily struggles like (wait for it) everyone else.

You’re ignorant.

Nah, fam, you’re wrong. I know what I’m talking about and I can justify it. Ignorance is accusing me of such things.

You’re crazy if you’d vote for [Insert Candidate’s Name].

Please, riddle me that one, I’d love to hear it. In this upcoming election, I will be voting for the candidate that fits my lifestyle aspirations and personal (not parental) beliefs. They’ve both offended people before, I don’t think either candidates are fit for presidency, and they’ve both said very upsetting things to me. And to those who still have something to say when I have yet to express what my political affiliation is, please read John 8:7. If you don’t have a bible, I’d invest in one because the next four years are going to be rough, but that verse says “let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

So, put away your slingshots and step away from the stones. You should tell me thank you also because I’m voting for freedom. I’m voting for constitutional rights. I’m voting for the will to succeed. I’m voting for America. And to that, I’ll keep my ballot to myself and bid you a warm you’re welcome.


This post is not endorsed by any campaign or affiliate. As always, my opinions are my own. 

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