A Well-Seasoned Traveler

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Did you catch my pun? If not, well seasoned goes with that beautiful spice set up in the first recollection. I told you last week, puns were EVERYTHING during this trip! They did not disappoint…

The last stop in Morocco was Marrakech, and it was probably some of my favorite couple of days. As much as I hate chicken taijine, we went and learned how to cook it at a cooking class (if that’s not obvious) and it was fun to experience how the culture does what they do.

I didn’t document the night before, but some of the best moments of my life don’t make it to social media – I know that probably shocks you, but ever so often, I am in  the moment and not worried about what to feature on Instagram. But anyway, we went to a fun, little Moroccan dinner and show; it was super touristy but you do what you’ve got to do.

Back to the day of the cooking class…

After we were filled with taijine, we went exploring the Palais de la Bahia, because you know this royal gal loves a good palace.

Following that, we went to the medina where I got my family some awesome gifts…I’d feature them, but only my sister has received her gifts, so I don’t want any spoiler alerts. I know my mom reads this but you never know who else does (lol).

That night, we went back to the hotel, enjoyed a couple bottles of wine and listened to the piano. It was the perfect end to a bumpy, but perfect, trip. I’d Morocco and Roll again, but maybe a little differently. At the end of the day, I am just so glad I got to go with these incredible people, who make my life and my cup overflow.


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