…And a Happy Always

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2016, what a year, to say the least. This year has taken me through a whirlwind of emotions. For me, major events of the year were Taylor Swift getting exposed by Kimmy K, Kim leaving social media and taking my heart with her, and Kourtney and Scott getting back together.

Okay, clearly I keep up with the Kardashians. But, all joking aside, this year has been incredible, spectacular, and life changing. So, I’m going to take you (against your will) on the journey that you may have been following alongside me.

As I close my eyes, decorate my house, or narrate to those around me there are a few memories that stand out. This past year I’ve traveled to some pretty incredible places. Favorites? Greece, Neuschwanstein, the Sahara, and Paris. Oui oui.

Some major favorites this year were Paris trips with my gal pal and then with my mom, meeting KRG and Corey (the work wife, obvi), donkey rides in Greece, being in D.C. for the elections, and of course returning to my family at Comcast.

With the highs, came some low points. Some of the major ones that shaped my year and my life were two breakups (one relationship longer than the other) with men I truly adored, saying goodbye to my D.C. fam, learning that friends were sometimes scams, and more.

But, even after all of that, I managed to make it out with a close-knit group of friends and a gal pal to spend the holidays with. Everything in life takes hard work and then even more hard work. 2016 was full of countless queso dates, many countries (give or take 12), and lots of anxiety attacks. Looking back on it, brunches around the world and dancing through the night were as great as the people they were shared with.

I’ve learned to listen with not wanting to voice my opinion, being more than a fair-weather friend, and loving those who love me for who I am.

Despite a crazy election, a weird parenting balance, and living out of a suitcase…it’s been a hell of a good year for me. I don’t ever want to remember this year as memories passed or people forgotten. As I learned in New York at the Wicked show, because of this year, I have been changed for good.

When it’s the new year, we will speak again. And, until then, pop some bubbly for your girl.


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