Brunch (n)


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Brunch (n): the socially acceptable excuse for day drinking.

I was sitting in my bed, with a belly full of brunch, and all I could think was “how the heck is it already February?”

Hahaha. I am deceased that we are already one month in the new year (is it really even new anymore). This was the first “travel” weekend in over a year that I haven’t been legally obligated to put down where I’m going, who I’m with, and what I’m doing.

It was nice. But I did get to travel and with that, here are my favorite spots and favorite people to do D.C. with!

Founding Farmers

Right across the street from my D.C. home is the (second) best brunch place in the entire world, and the best brunch place in all of D.C.

I went with my baby-god-momma and one of my closest friends, Ashley. Nothing says sweet food and even sweeter friends than the stuffed French toast and washing it down with a Diet Coke.

Clyde’s of Georgetown

This is where my worlds collided. As you know by now, Margs is my gal pal auf Deutschland. The woman, the myth, the legend is now living in D.C. and we were not riding donkeys in Greece or drinking milkshakes at my birthday brunch.

10/10 recommend Clyde’s for their burgers – they are literally, hands down the best. And nothing pairs better than besties and burgers.

The Four Seasons                                               

Okay, alright, okay-alright…I’m not sure what the more iconic duo is, Kev and I or lemon ricotta pancakes and myself. As tradition holds and as you may remember, if there’s a Kevin and a Hannah, there’s a beautiful pancake brunch to be had.

Georgetown Cupcakes

And of course, no trip would be complete without a cupcake run. You can do no wrong here, and I’m going back there for a girlie-pop date this week. (So thankful they put one in Los Angeles).

It felt so good to be home and back to wandering around familiar places with familiar faces. I’ve never felt more at home and I’m actually counting down the days until I am back. Until then, I’m thinking I should go take a spin class and burn off the calories that I consumed.


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