Surrounded by Your Favorite People


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“Live for the days when you’re surrounded by your favorite people who make you realize that the world is not a cold, harsh place.”

I’ve been a little pessimistic lately and for that, I apologize. This is not an outlet for me to whine and complain like woe is me. Things are hopefully looking up but I am certainly glad that I have the next couple weeks in Texas and DC to recoup and get it together.

I got a lot of hell from people when I joined a sorority; like oh, you pay for your friends. While that may be true to some people, I certainly owe them a lifetime of love because money could never cover the endless laughs and comfort that these women provide me.

When the weeks are bad, the sky is gray, (I promise this isn’t the start of a country song) I am so grateful that Kappa Alpha Theta introduced me to these women. They are strong, beautiful, and pure sunshine. They make me a better me, consistently.

I got the invite for the Theta Alumnae Brunch and I didn’t hesitate to say YES! It was the perfect brunch day – full of truffle mac and cheese, sweet green tea, and fluffy red velvet cupcakes. These women are the Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte to my Carrie and I need them now more than ever.

Family is so much more than blood and I’m unbelievably blessed to be surrounded by such phenomenal women.

For once, you see that I have a heart and there’s more to me than my resting bitch face. Haha. So pack your bags and come with me to chase some cleats as I head to College Station, TX. Fingers crossed there’s some backwards Ks and dingers in my future.


Hannah was a guest of Lemonade and KAO. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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