The Carrie Bradshaw of ESPN


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“Small Aspiration: Make Goals Happen”

I spent a lot of college figuring out who I am…just like many others. I started my time at Pepperdine with the intent of being a neurosurgeon. I guess you could say I watched too much Grey’s Anatomy. After a painful semester of biology, I switched to the more Hannah-esque path of journalism. Then it was a minor in art history to a minor in political science (hence D.C.) and lastly, to a focus in sports. And hey! I found my niche!!

So, that being said, this past Sunday made more than just waves

I started the day with baseball, as per usual, got an incredible job offer (that yes, had to do with baseball…stay tuned), and then ended the night with the Pep ESPYs.

Apparently sports have become my life and I couldn’t be more thrilled! The ESPYs were easily the most fun event that I have been to at Pepperdine and I always love a red carpet. Sidenote: I’ve been wanting to go to the ESPYs since my time at Pepperdine began, so baby steps, it only took me three years to get here. Watching the men hang up their cleats and break out their suits and finally being able to trade in my Nikes for Louboutins, I found it to be a night to remember.



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