In Sweet Home San Diego

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Okay, bear with me here (is it bare or bear? I never seem to know). I just hit the realization that baseball is now over, my phone is overheated which means I slept through my alarms, and I’m not in sunny San Diego anymore. What a case of the Mondays, right?

But, speaking of San Diego and already missing it’s beauty, I thought I’d post, not about baseball which I am sure you are all tired of, but of the food adventures my brother and I went on. Nick took a break from Aggieland to come rally with me in his hometown. After a weekend in Coronado, we avoided joining the SEALs (sorry to disappoint, Tedd) but left with a belly full of the best food out there.

Nick didn’t make it out to SoCal until Friday night, so it left me to actually do my job until he got there. But, not without stopping at The Baked Bear first. I’ve been trying to find something that tastes even remotely similar to Captain Cookie #dcforever and although it wasn’t as delightful, it came a close second. I got the funfetti cookie, chocolate chip cookie, and strawberry cheesecake icecream.

Nick arrived and then we went to Clayton’s Diner. The wait was long, but worth it, and if you’re unsure about maple syrup like I am, the waitresses will bring you a bowl of whipped cream to throw on your Belgian waffles. Yes, I am five.

As if that wasn’t enough sugar to hold us over, we ventured down to MooTime Creamery where we both got the James Brownie. I’d like to say we conquered it, but after struggling down Orange Avenue, attempting to finish it all, the sundae defeated us. Also, please let me know if you finish it, I have so many questions. 

On Sunday, we heard all of this talk about Bruegger’s Bagels, and Nick and I both agree that it’s one of the best breakfast sandwiches we’ve had in our lives. And trust me, we eat a lot of sandwiches. I would definitely recommend getting the jalapeno bagel, it’s really not overwhelmingly spicy.

Last, on our foodie list, we went to the Brigantine Seafood and Oyster Bar. It was definitely on the more expensive side, and we probably should’ve changed after burning to a crisp at the baseball game, but the food was to die for, from the fish and chips to the swordfish.

I would say we did Coronado/San Diego in the most Muery way possible and we left in food comas that felt so right. It was the best weekend ever, even with the case of the Mondays following.

Home Sweet (Nick’s) Hometown forever. 


Also, PSA, I will have my phone fixed soon, so I’m really sorry if there’s anything important that I’m missing. Although I’m 99% sure it’s only about nuggets. Which are important.

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