Coffee and Sunshine


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I don’t think I’ve ever truly expressed my love for Alfred Coffee, and especially not on this platform, but it’s true. I love it as sure as the ocean is blue.

I don’t really know how to put this past week into words, but it’s one of those times that everything is going wrong. I regained touch with technology and was honestly shocked by everything I missed. (aka no chicken nugget messages) As I was trying to shake off the words I had read and enjoy quality time with my friend, I had to report theft – theft of my passport, bag, social security card, military id – all of the above. I know I should’ve been upset that everything I am had been compromised…and I was… but that bag and that passport book were portals to my favorite memories. Especially the bag. I went to Germany, saw it instantly, and fell in love with it. It was a staple to who I am. And it’s gone, and with it, my sense of overall security. It’s been one of those weeks that kicks you when you’re down and then again when you’re trying to get up.

So, I stumbled across Alfred in the Alley my freshman year of college, and I will always drive an hour out of the way to get their cold nitro brew. It’s well worth it, especially when I’m down in the dumps.

There’s a true Hannah themed beverage on the menu, the #10DOLLARLATTE and I’ve always thought about getting it, but I usually stick to my five-dollar cup. That being said, on Nick and I’s SoCal tour, he got the overpriced latte and graciously let me try it. Y’all, it was delightful and I would easily pay ten dollars for it.

You know what they say, no coffee = no talkie. And this Sunday doesn’t officially start without the Lord’s drink. Please pray that this week is better than the last…your girl needs it.


A special thanks to Alfred in the Alley for having Nick and I. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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