The Best Parts of My Life…

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Something I’ve always told those around me is that the best parts of my life don’t make it to social media. I silently progress in the relationships that mean the most to me, and truly only post pictures on Instagram that follow my aesthetic – it’s nothing deeper than that and rarely portrays the best moments of my day.

That being said, after a weekend with my sister, I decided the best thing for my own sanity is that I delete Snapchat…the first step in ridding my life of social media!

After my sister left, I was super down and on the out. I decided that although Disney is not my favorite place on Earth, I’ve heard people claim it’s the happiest place on Earth. Ipso facto, I needed an upper in my life and so my favorite princess-pop and my two closest friends and I took to Disneyland on Wednesday.

That being said…a little rewind…as I hit my low on Monday before my Disney getaway (my third one this year) my guy was there with a piece of advice that meant so much to me, I thought I should share it. You know, in case anyone else needs some wise words from a young man…

“I hope you realize that even good people mess up sometimes, and it is important to not let that one mistake define you. And if you want to stay in bed all day and cry, watching The Office, that is perfectly fine as long as you’re still here with me.”

So…I did just that…I put on The Office U.K., tried my best to decipher their jokes, and then cried a lot.

I’m so ready for July and a month of traveling and not worrying about life and people, but focusing on myself. In the midst of it all, I am so lucky. I have a friend who loves me unconditionally and teaches me to value myself. I know good people exist because he is a good man. This man has made me a better person.

I want to be able to write about food and traveling and all of the pretty things, but sometimes, I need to remember that I am a real person with valid emotions. Not just a writer behind a computer drinking tea and dreaming of Paris (although I totally am).

With that being said, I’m packing my bags and getting ready to tell you about Walt’s best view…something I promised about a week ago…



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