Looks Like a Fun Gang

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On the set of Gilmore Girls

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The sweet puppers from Fuller House! A true celebrity…

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My acting debut as Gunther

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I love FRIENDS. I’m going to put that out there right now, although I’m sure you already knew this little Han fact. All of my friends, literally, had been to the Set of Friends, and I was still having serious FOMO.

I was having dinner in Malibu with my BFF, and I was talking about how badly I had wanted to go and that I was probably going to go by myself, and then (as usual) she saved my life by saying she would go with me!!

So,  on my last day in Malibu, we loaded up my car and drove to the Warner Bros. Lot. We loaded our golf cart, slapped some geeky grins on our faces, and fan-girled so hard.

We went on the set of Gilmore Girls, Pretty Little Liars, Batman, The Big Bang Theory, The Ellen Show, and FRIENDS! Honestly, that’s not even the full list, and these nine pictures don’t do the whole trip justice, but I could really go on  for days, and none of us have time for that.

I so wish I had watched Gilmore Girls before (maybe my summer show) but seeing The Ellen Show and the Friends set, really sent me over the moon.

Cyd and I got to film a scene from Friends (I was Gunther, she was Rachel) and then we went to film another scene of Harry Potter. Cyddy and I are the stars of Los Angeles (or so we wish) and we acted our little hearts out!

I left that day with a few tears because goodbyes suck, a Friends mug for my true coffee shop moments, and a Central Perk cap to advertise my favorite place. Oh, and a million pictures to fill my new house with! It was a day to remember and OH MYYYY GOOOOOOD, I am still living for it!!

That being said, I am back to LA and can’t wait to give you updates.


A very special thank you to our warm and welcoming friends at Warner Brothers Studio for hosting us on the best day ever. As always, all opinions are my own.

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