One Sock, Two Socks…





One sock, two socks – Red Sox, blue socks…

My dream, my light, my life, and my dream baby daddy (Hey Xander) all rallied together to welcome me to home plate in Fenway.

Just kidding, although that totally is a dream of mine, so Fenway if you catch wind of this article then let’s make that happen! Haha.

Watching the Red Sox play atop the Green Monster was a lifelong dream of mine that I got to check off my bucket list. It was such a memorable and warm summer night – so basically my equation for a perfect night.

Although the Sox may have lost, watching Xan the Man strut his stuff and knock some dingers across the field was better than any baseball game that I’ve ever been to!

Remembering sweet swings and homeruns while I woke up the next morning to catch a flight to Texas was honestly the most bittersweet moment. Bitter because, why, oh why did NESN not offer me a job haha and sweet because it truly is in Boston as it is in Heaven.

For now, my car keys are in the Boston Harbor and I’m thrilled to start writing and sharing about Orlando experiences!


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