There’s a New General in Town




I think the top three worst things about moving to a new city/state as a single female are the following: learning the dating scene, trying to make new friends, and looking for brunch spots and coffee shops. All three of those are very, very important to me.

Where I’ve made one friend, started dating a little bit, I still hadn’t found that perfect coffee shop that makes Sunday mornings all that better.

Thanks to my sweet gal-pal, coffee shop extraordinaire, and Florida native Kyla, I was able to narrow down the starting points on finding my coffee shop that made me feel a little less Disney and a little more Alfred in the Alley.

On the cutest little cobblestone street of Winter Park, I was led to New General.

Right when I walked in, I felt less humid and stress, and back in the trendy little East Coast element on coffee shop chic.

I got the chai tea latte and my better-half for the day got the iced latte. Neither of us complained. New General definitely knocked Starbs out of the water and getting away from all of the parks felt like we were on a vacation outside of Florida and the horrific drivers.

It was nice, it was iced, it was everything we needed. And, we may have found our newest little hole-in-the-wall. Until next time…I’ll sip my brew or two.


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