Settle Your Heart

November 7, 2017.jpg

Hello, it’s me. I took a little week-long break to clear my mind from everything that happened last week.

My week off gave me the time to really focus on what I want, and I plan on taking an actual week off from my day-job, life out here in Florida, and every thing in between when January rolls around. I also want to thank the sweet friends that called me every day to check in on me, bought me Chipotle and dairy-free pizzas (allergies suck even worse when you’re down), and texted me the sweetest and most reassuring messages.

Every day has been incredibly hard and I’m thankful for the friends that are more like family.

I’ve also noticed a lot by taking a step back, and I highly recommend that everyone view the world around them for at least a week. You’ll be amazed by what people think is acceptable and how unfiltered responses show true colors.

One thing in specific that has helped me through the past couple of weeks is unfollowing people on social media and in real life. I’ve kept a lot of people on my feeds because I wanted to prove to them that I’m worthy of being noticed or to share my success. Here’s the thing – they are just waiting for you to mess up.

I realized that there are so many people who have literally posted that “I have the best luck” in the past four years.

I don’t.

I wake up every day and work incredibly hard to have the job and opportunities that I have. It’s not luck, it never has been, and it’s incredibly offensive to belittle someone’s achievements with that statement. So what do you do?


If someone takes your work and amounts it to some unknown force in the universe and acts as if it could’ve happened to anyone else, they are a mass of toxicity you should remove from your life.

I’m so over people who don’t support others and help them be the best versions of themselves. I’m so over the adults that act worse than children and wait for the other to mess up. This is not what life is about. Supporting someone at their best and leaving them at their worst (looking at all those fair-weathered friends) is the most horrific concept of “support” and I am so tired of witnessing it every day.

My advice to you – take a step back, support everyone if you can, and don’t belittle others’ achievements. We’re all just trying to survive and do the best we can. Take a breath, hug your dogger, eat some queso, and remove the toxicity from around you.

Okurrrr, that’s all. I’ll be back in a few days sharing all the fun that is Disney with Altuve soon!



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