Tea is my Therapy

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I was off spending the weekend in Washington, DC with one of my closest and sweetest friends, my Little, and today I am off to Texas for some low-key family time!

I was so excited to be back in the land of four seasons and where all of my favorite restaurants are! And yes, the moment I planned this trip a month ago, I made reservations at all of the best places!

But with that being said, a little place that makes it feel like autumn/winter here is The Celebration Tea Room. It’s actually right across the street from my office so I try to go frequently.

Seeing that it would be unbecoming of me to drink on the job, when I need a boost, I go and get the German Gingerbread Christmas tea. It’s incredibly energizing and a million times better than some pumpkin-spice latte.

I’ve encouraged all of my coworkers to try it out and feast on one of the high tea options! You can get more than enough food (for a very reasonable price) like a cheese board, fruit tray, sandwich array, and pastries to boot! It’s absolutely incredible and I had desserts for days.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that it makes me desperately want to travel to London! Who knows, maybe one day! Haha. Alright, time for me to log off and reminisce on D.C. adventures and get excited for some turkey!



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