Mimosional Wreck


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HELLO YEAR THREE! I cannot believe I am entering the third year of writing and would like to conclude that this is the longest and healthiest relationship that I have ever been in. Haha.

I think it’s wild to see how far I’ve come since my German school-girl days at the beginning of this site and how this blog has really become a public journal of the ups and downs of my life.

Unlike last year, I didn’t throw a huge birthday because I’ve been traveling and working a lot harder than I was last year. I am in Texas for now and so excited to be reunited with my work wife this weekend before heading back to Florida.

But first…let’s talk about…gorgeous chees (&meat) platters!

I represented my sister at a bridal event at the Omni Hotel in Corpus Christi this past week and honestly, I’ll pretend I’m engaged any day of the week if that means I get free champs and all the foods!

I have a true love for cheese boards and this sparked when I was in Quebec on a quick trip before I left to Africa in 2016.

So, naturally, while vendors were flooding me with questions about my non-existent big day, I was eyeing the board that held all of my hopes and dreams. Praise!

That being said, here’s my very true and tried secrets to a successful board of dairy.

Your board should have a funky cheese, aged cheese that should be paired with a thin prosciutto, a hard cheese which I like paired with cherries, some fresh cheeses to pair with a softer fruit (think blueberries and raspberries), and a soft cheese to throw up with some salami.

Are you salivating just thinking about that? I totally am.

And of course, you can’t stuff the cheeses and meats into your mouth without following it with a crisp and cool champagne! And a floral wall to boot? You know that I am screaming!

With that, it’s time to keep it W E I R D in one of my favorite cities in America!


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