A Girl and her Bed on Sundays


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“A girl and her bed on Sundays are an endless love affair.”

Introducing to you, for quite literally the first time ever, a room that actually makes me feel at home.

Over the past five years, I’ve moved every few months and have never really unpacked and called a place my own. Since I know that I’m not running away (fingers crossed) for the next six months, I finally decided to make my house a home.

I wanted to give people a tour of Hannah’s Humble Abode because I have a feeling that people don’t really know what to expect when it comes to my house. I profess my love to HGTV but I’m not a rustic, farmhouse type of gal. I wear a lot of neutrals, but I love a good pop of color.

Well, whether you’re here for it or not, you’ll finally get to see what encompasses my casita.

I love white bedding, but it’s always a problem for me. As in I literally spilled a Doritos locos taco on it last night. I’m obsessed with blankets, as you can see from my ladder and the one on current rotation on my bed was a Christmas gift from my brother that he got at Anthropologie. I bought my Magnolia burlap sack a couple weeks ago and it currently houses my Hearth and Hand blankets that I usually cuddle up with at night or when I’m watching tv, as they’re a little bit thicker and warmer. As for my ladder, a complete steal from Hobby Lobby, I have a hodge-podge of blankets from Ikea to gifts from my besties.

I’m big on adorning my nightstands and book cases with pieces of what makes me me. On my nightstands, I have my favorite scent ever, and the only one I ever burn in my room, Volcano by Capri Blue, which can be found at none other than Anthropologie. By my bed, I keep little booklets that really define me, like my photo-book from Cory that recollects our girls’ trip to Marfa and a photo book of Paris, my favorite city.

On my bookshelf, I have my favorite DVDs stacked above my bier steins that I collected throughout my European travels. Each tchotchke in my house carries sentimental value, and while I attempt to live a very minimalist life, you shouldn’t feel the urge to remove your personality all for the sake of clutter.

And, for the piece that probably caught you off guard, my bar cart.

My marble bar cart is the only piece of furniture that I never rid of. It sits in the back of my car as I trek to California and then all the way across to Florida. It’s my most valued piece and I would never risk for it to be in a common area where it could be broken or trashed with Trader Joe’s $2 wine. On it, I have my favorite knick-knacks from Anthropologie – a Paris plate and a cocktail mixer. As for the booze, a girl has gotta have options. I love the bubbles, so I have a healthy assortment of Veuve, Chandon, and Moet. I also carry my favorite sangria from Spain and keep a bottle of absinthe labeled Heidelberger Studententrunk that I bought when I completed my courses at Universitat Heidelberg.

So, this is how I live. And yes, I make my bed every single day. Every piece has a story and, for once, there’s no need to keep the crates to box everything up in a month. We’ll be staying here for a while.

As the rest of the house has come together, I am so excited to share with you my little abode.


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