Rewriting the Stars


“What if we rewrite the stars?”

A couple of summers ago, I carefully curated a bucket list and stuck to it. For my 2017 Resolutions, I most certainly did not stick with them, minus the fact I was able to say okurrr like a Kardashian within a couple of months.

However, this year, things aren’t so far-fetched. I’m not trying to get engaged, have a kid or make six-figures. I hope you laughed at that last one like I did.

This year, my resolution list is attainable but rewarding.

I want to put one stamp in my passport. When I was living in Malibu, my bag was stolen at a restaurant and I lost my passport that held all of the wonders from living in Germany and traveling to Africa, Costa Rica and Peru. Now is the proper time to start a new book and create some new memories.

I want to visit a state park or a national park. I love exploring and I completely geek out when I get to be an annoying wanderer. Florida has some really cool parks, and I’m thinking of heading to the Blue Spring State Park for this 2018 milestone.

I want to read three new books by summer. I’m thinking along the lines of one novel, a classic and a “wellness” book. So far I have Sweetbitter: a novel and The Food Therapist for novel and wellness, but haven’t quite put a finger on what classic I’m interested in. I foresee a few pool days in my near future, so I feel like this is an achievable task.

I want to save money. I’m off to a really good start (in my humble opinion) because I used my 2017 bonus to start my emergency fund instead of spending it, which was so difficult! But! I want to cut back on my dining expenses and not buy as many clothes for just one event that I know I’ll probably never wear again.

And last but not least…

I want to use up all my vacation time. I know this sounds a tad ridiculous, like who can’t use it all up? I’m a worker at heart and love being in my work environment slash hate losing money to non-paid vacation time. With my sister’s wedding and my brother’s graduation coming up, I’m assuming I’ll be sure to squeeze in a me weekend somewhere.


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