Sweet Sunday No. 02

Photo Mar 24, 15 31 38.jpg

A Rally Cap for Spring Training

I can’t tell if this week has flown by or if it has literally gone on forever. It seems like I made it my mission to travel all over Southern Florida and go to as many baseball stadiums as I could in one week. I feel like I need ONE MORE DAY to actually get it together before the wedding week and all the traveling that is coming down the pipeline.

It’s no surprise that I could be found at Champion Stadium watching the Braves, but I was also at a Nationals v. Mets game for Kristina’s birthday (her gift from me) and my final Red Sox Spring Training game where they took on the defending World Champions…the Astros.

It was one of my all-time favorite weeks, but I’m exhausted! I’m really looking forward to sleeping when April rolls around, because March has been pure madness.

What I’m Here For

Headspace: I have the worst anxiety – a counselor once told me that I have an “irrational fear of rejection” (which is true). Earlier this month, I stumbled across an anxiety quiz from Australia that referenced this golden app to me. This app works wonders! Every night, I do 5 minutes of meditation alongside a virtual coach, and I really am feeling the stress leave my relationships – whether it’s with E or my friends, it’s definitely making a difference.

Good Golly: I figure this is going to be the biggest question, that’s not related to the happy couple, this week. And yes, I am dating. And no, it isn’t Drew. As many of you know, I was in a relationship with a ball-player for the Tigers for the better part of 2017. He was a really great addition to my life, and the break-up was a lot harder than expected, which made me glad that we had kept our relationship mostly private. Dating is hard, y’all. I don’t know how people do it, but I’m slowly getting back.

Walls of Disney: I did a really cute photoshoot this week, where I was shockingly the subject and not the planner, for the Disney Parks Blog and I cannot wait for it to be published so you can all see the cutest outfit that Heidi and Anthropologie styled! It was so much fun to be a part of and leave my desk for an afternoon – I finally embraced my inner Gigi but I don’t think I’ll be running her out of business anytime soon. And, what better perk of having a stylist as a sister if she doesn’t help you dress for such events? Truly a Hannah Montana moment.

In other news…I’m flying to Texas this week for Heidi’s wedding, so if anyone has any great book recommendations – please send them my way! I’m currently reading The Wisdom of Sundays so hit me with your best shot!


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