Sweet Sunday No. 03


A whirlwind trip to Texas for a wedding weekend and heading back to Florida today…I am so exhausted to say the least! But HAPPY APRIL! HAPPY EASTER! Wow, it’s my favorite month and I’m so stoked to fill the house with succulents and blooms for the next season…

“They Do, They Did”

Yesterday was the perfect day for nuptials to be exchanged. I oftentimes feel like I am the Michael Scott and I’m watching a bunch of Pam and Jims find love right in front of me, and I’m just “getting a little more desperate” every day! Haha.

But, to not bitter the tea, it was a beautiful Texas evening that Heidi and Chase did the damn thing already and I am genuinely happy for them. It was also nice to be in south Texas for a few days, get some real queso and have my parents pay for all of my food. Haha. Of course, it’s always great to see family, and I am so excited for the wedding pictures to come back and see all the beautiful beginning memories of The Campbells’ life together.

What I’m Here For

The Wisdom of Sundays: I bought Oprah’s book last week to read on my flight and I couldn’t put it down! I especially loved Rainn Wilson’s 2-cents, but there is so much knowledge filled in these pages…I totally recommend it! It was incredible!

Workin’ Woman: Last week I told you about a cute lil’ project I was working on with the Disney Parks Blog and it is live! So go check it out and look for me amongst the DVC Walls of Disney! The pictures turned out soooo cute and I definitely wouldn’t have looked so snacky if it wasn’t for Heidi! The best stylist…shameless plug…give her all of your money…


Photo Credits: The Walt Disney Company


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