The Gift that Keeps on Giving


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I’ll give a humble brag that I always give the best gifts – I know, it sounds cocky but it’s so true! I love putting forth the effort and seeing the receiver’s reaction when they open the prezzie up. I put months of thought into every gift I give and Heidi + Chase’s wedding present was no exception.

What’s almost as good as love? Wine…and champagne…the answer is always those two.

So, instead of buying a dish towel or a throw pillow, I put together a gift basket that will bless them for the weeks (maybe years) to come. I bought 5 bottles of wine, each one with a unique theme and reason. What are they? Well, keep reading!

Open On Your Wedding Night

I love champagne, and what better way to toast off the newlyweds than a beautiful bottle of Veuve? I attached a cute little note with each bottle, but this one was really just meant to toast the happy couple and give them a nice bottle to crack into on their wedding night or honeymoon. (that also wasn’t a cheap hotel bottle)

Open After Your First Fight

Arguments are inevitable and if you’re me, you argue with anyone who has a pulse. So, I bought a 19 Crimes bottle of wine for Heidi + Chase to crack into when Chase leaves up the toilet seat one too many times or Heidi’s hair clogs the shower drain. (or something worse, but let’s not wish that)

Open At Your First Dinner Party

I stumbled across this House wine and couldn’t think of anything better to celebrate a first-din party! Good food, good wine and a good pair of hosts go a long way. There’s no better way to celebrate a successful gathering of friends in your humble abode than toasting each other while you clean up afterwards.

Open On Your First Anniversary

Yes Way, Rose! they made it through their first year! Target’s new brand is so cute and spunky, and yes way they made it and it couldn’t be better said.

…and I kept this one for the last to announce, because even though I think there will be a little Campbell on the way before their first anniversary, they seem to think differently…

Open On Your First Baby

Now, a Menage a Trois may seem scandalous, but in this case – three’s a crowd! And only Chase will be drinking this bottle. Once this bottle gets cracked open, there’ll be even more reason to celebrate because I’ll have another nugget to love on and spoil. (wink wink)


The wine basket that dreams are made of, the gift that keeps on giving. It was such a beautiful wedding and time to celebrate pure love. While every bottle had a special note with it, handwritten by yours truly, I wanted to keep that between the giver and the receiver. It’s so crazy to think that I have a new brother, and now the fun begins on seeing which sibling is next! Haha it will most likely not be me, but my money is on Alexander! Send a mental toast to the newlyweds and crack into your own wine to celebrate the Campbells!

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