Sweet Sunday No. 04

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I’m so glad it’s April – yes, my birthday is this month (obnoxious) but April is always just the best. I’m excited for flowers and sun-dresses and loads of afternoons poolside. I feel like I’m still overwhelmed by all the socializing that I did last week, so it’s nice to drive to cute bakeries and feel more comfortable with everything around me.

What I’m Here For

A Blushing Bride: I didn’t take any photos on my phone at the wedding, so I’ve been anxiously waiting to post a photo with my sister all week! I think I gave the absolute best MOH speech (humble brag) and seeing Heidi so happy was like the most joyful thing ever! If you weren’t there, you so missed out & I’m so thankful that we have these beautiful moments captured to look to in the years to come.

Up in the Clouds: I’ve been stuck all week on where to go next. I’ve looked at flights to Boston, Liberia and Belize but have no clue where I want to travel. It’s been a while since I’ve traveled for myself and I’m in desperate need of a vacation. I have two vouchers from Southwest that expire in November so I know I’m going at some point, I just don’t know when. Over the next few weeks, I know I’m going to be racking my brain on my next destination.

For the Home: Like every other millennial (not in a bad way) out there, my house is stocked with succulents and palm leaves – but I’ve been dying to bring back one of my favorite trees ever…a Bonsai Tree. My younger brother bought me a grow-your-own kit and I am wetting the seeds and beginning to pot them in the next week and I am so stinkin’ excited! I had a baby bonsai when I was in high school but it didn’t make it through the Texas summer, so I’m hoping with enough tender loving care, this one will flourish.



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