Sweet Sunday No. 06

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The Good List: A single birthday brunch that can change your mood, your perspective & your year.

Another Year Older, Another Year Hopefully Wiser

This has been the most challenging and humbling years I’ve experienced. I’ve learned how to be utterly alone and make it through the other side, I’ve dealt with the worst heartbreak in losing a love and a best friend all in one & I’ve grown up when I had no other choice. I truly would not want to experience this year over again, but part of growth is accepting the season of change and building on the lessons I’ve been taught. And it was hard. But hey, I’m so optimistic that this next year will be better than ever.

What I’m Here For

Busy Bee: It has been such a crazy week! I haven’t had much fun at ESPN WWOS since Spring Training ended, but it was so great to work the Star Wars races and get to hang out with the cutest & sweetest kiddos all day Saturday. And Sunday! Wow! I was invited for some fun with UCF’s Kappa Alpha Theta and it was (un-knowingly) needed! I loved meeting so many stunning babes of sisters – I am so blessed by this sisterhood.

Joyeux Anniversaire a Moi: The most flawless brunch at the Four Seasons (where else would I be) made me feel so loved by my sissy! This was the most lowkey birthday I’ve had since I was in high school and it was lovely.

Sweet Blooms: I could not feel more adored than by all the floral love I received this week! From my sweet man to eternal roses from my best friend, I was overwhelmed and in bloom heaven! It meant absolutely everything to me.

A Legacy: I’ve shared how hard high school was for me, and yes, some of it was well deserved but most of it was not. Through the hard times, I would find myself hiding in different classrooms during the lunch period so I wouldn’t have to face my peers – sometimes it was algebra tutoring (I was the only one who got a perfect score on that test so it was worth it), home economics and art. I often find myself thinking about those teachers, who there for me at my worst – Ms. Catter, Mrs. O’Dwyer and Mr. Sanchez. I took Mr. Sanchez’s art class every single year…from sixth grade to my senior. When I graduated, I only had two people to thank – Ms. Catter and Mr. Sanchez because they were there for me when my friends neglected me. They taught me how to be a better person – an intellectual, to stay humble and to constantly search the world for any growth opportunities. On Tuesday, I received the absolute heartbreaking news that Mr. Sanchez had died. This was a man who helped me become the person I am, who invested years into every student and their success – who lived selflessly and dedicated to the children that entered his classroom. It is with a heavy heart that I offer my condolences to his family and additional friends. He was loved by many, lived a colorful and wonderful life and is gone far too soon.


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