A Bottle of Bubbly

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Tasting the stars…isn’t that so incredible? I love the sound of a cork shimmying out of the neck of a bottle and the pop it makes when it’s finally set free. It’s quite literally exquisite and there’s nothing better than the crisp, cool taste of champs. I think my love for it came from hours of watching Heather Dubrow talk about her champs on The Real Housewives when I was 17.

I always stay stocked up, whether it’s Chandon or Veuve, but here’s some persuasion on why you should too…wink wink…

You Cooked

I’m not a chef…at all…but there’s a reason to celebrate dinner that doesn’t come from Chick-fil-A or Blaze Pizza. Although, I’m definitely not against pairing my prosecco with those meals.

You and Your BFF finally have a night together

Corey and I always open a bottle of bubbles when we’re together, whether we’re in Marfa or just hanging out at the pool. Being adults is hard and hanging out without champagne is honestly too sad when you’re catching up!

Every Paycheck Comes On Thursday

This isn’t entirely true for everyone, but treat yourself!

You Met a Man

Now, I am the queen of knowing how damn difficult it is to find a suitable bachelor. But YOU DID IT. Whether it’s love or a Hinge match, celebrate the small victories because for now, he likes you too!

The Office is On

Let’s be real, The Office is always playing in one of the rooms of my house, but that doesn’t mean I’m not pouring into a flute and cozying up before another binge session. Netflix > Everything.

You Want To

Case. Closed.

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