Sweet Sunday No. 07

Photo Apr 26, 21 21 48

The Good List: Binging The Office on Netflix & tangled hair and 100% humidity.

Pretzel Day

“I wake up every morning to a bed that’s too small…drive my daughter to a school that’s too expensive…and then I go to work for a job in which I get paid too little. But on Pretzel Day? I like Pretzel Day.”

Pretzel Day was here again, and nothing made my little Office heart happier than heading down to Hollywood Studios and celebrating with some pretzels duh and bier! Maybe it’s the German in me, but I could go for a pretzel like all the time. And lately I’ve been feeling a lot less Michael and a whole lot more Stanley, so it was just what I needed for some added motivation to finish out the week!

What I’m Here For

Be Our Guest: I am a self-proclaimed hostess with the mostest but if there’s one thing I cannot do, it’s create the delicious grey stuff. Haha. Heidi and her crew were doing Dapper Day at Disney this weekend, and I joined in for a few. No, I certainly did not Disney Bound, but I did put on a sweet sundress and enjoy Be Our Guest for brunch. Which leads me to…

Sundress Szn: I bought a ton of sundresses when Drew and I were dating and the majority of them still have their tags on. As my bestie Cody says, my legs were made for sundresses, so I’ve been really happy breaking them out over the past couple weekends and working on regaining my tan!

Sittin’ Pretty: I originally wanted a navy blue chair for my home office, but instead, I went completely outside of my comfort zone and bought a cowhide chair! It came in on Friday and I rushed home to unwrap it. It’s the cutest and I can’t wait to share what it looks like!

Photo Apr 22, 14 09 27

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