Sweet Sunday No. 08


The Good List: low maintenance plants, a special outfit for potential love affairs & something beautiful to look at.

What I’m Here For

Cinco de Mayo: I love Cinco de Mayo. When I was in primary and secondary school, we always had these fabulous and colorful parties to celebrate Mexico’s victory over France & it’s a celebration I’ve always stuck close to. This year, I went over to The Campbell’s and we had margaritas and carnitas a’plenty!

What the Fox?: Heidi and I finally tried Foxtail Coffee and it is amazing…like I’m still drooling…I got the dirty chai tea latte & Heidi said her drip coffee definitely out-scored Starbucks haha so if you’re in Central Florida, there is a Muery stamp of approval on this local chain!

I’ll Take the Ranunculus: I discovered the quaintest & most serene little botanical garden this week that I can’t wait to share on Wednesday. In hope of gaining my green-thumb certification, I found some sweet siblings for my Bebe Bonsai and my hydrangea plant. Stay tuned…

I hope everyone has had a beautiful welcome weekend into May and has an even better week! Talk soon…

Photo Apr 22, 14 09 27


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