Sweet Sunday No. 12

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The Good List: A sister who knows my good angles for photos, pitchers and catchers & Magic Kingdom walks with a fellow sorority sis.

What I’m Here For

Spring Cleaning: My advice for a break-up, no matter how long you were dating, is to rid yourself of all memories. The moment my flight touched down in Orlando, I raced home and threw out the blue hydrangeas he gave me for my birthday (thankfully they died while I was away), burnt the card he wrote me & tossed out the letters I had never sent. And ya know what? As petty as it may seem, it felt damn good!

Jess (fav Theta): The subtitle may seem odd, but I saved my gal Jess into my phone like this when I first met her on Bid Night! Fast forward 5 (!!!) years and we met up for a leisurely stroll down Disney-town. Good conversation and a better friend are hard to come across these days so I was sooooo overwhelmingly happy to see her!

Lost Weight & Locks: Alongside the 230 lbs. I rid myself of this past week, I also cut off 6 inches of hair!! It’s so flirty and fun & I’m definitely channeling my inner Bre Sheppard.

Photo Apr 22, 14 09 27

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