Sweet Sunday No. 14

Photo Jun 15, 16 44 30.jpg

The Good List: A newfound love for denim jackets, cut stems & a blank page in a planner.

What I’m Here For

Ch-ch-ch-changes: Life is terrifying – working & loving & living are all these things we create separate plans for and we think we know what’s going to work best. Until life doesn’t match with our plans. After a long year, I will no longer be in my current role with The Walt Disney Co. & it feels weird and bittersweet but also good. I’m taking the next couple weeks to prepare for my next role (stay tuned) and enjoy the pool in my backyard and some of the books on my list.

Yes, that means I no longer have complimentary tickets. Sorry, y’all.

Pamgela: Krissy and I took time on Wednesday to go to Target and reenact our favorite Jenna-Angela moment post-The Office. The weird looks were worth it and I even had people texting me asking me if I had actually seen Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey in Target. Unfortunately, we didn’t, but I felt God in that Target just like Pam felt God in that Chilis.

Quick Fix: I’m going to Boston for a quick little day-trip and I could not be more happy. It was either I was going back to my favorite restaurants or I was going to take a lover and fly him out to Spain. I’m ready for some cobblestone streets and lobster near the harbor. So, be on the lookout for that cute post.

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