Present Friendship & Perfect Friendship

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If there’s anything that I’ve learned since I moved out after highschool and have lived in FIVE cities, it’s that friendships are so ridiculously easy to maintain but also incredibly simple to dissolve.

So, the big question is how do we become more present?

If you’re anything like me, your gal-pals are your go-tos and above everyone else through all seasons of change, the good and bad without needing to exchange vows.

The thing I’ve noticed is friendship needs to be prioritized. I’m the first to admit that I get caught up in the cutie baseball player texting me or the travel plans I have coming soon. But here’s how my closest girlies and I keep that friendship flame on fire!

Snail Mail: As much as I roll my eyes when my packages are delayed, there’s nothing better than feeling recognized and appreciated when you open your parcel locker to a sweet bestie box or a handwritten letter from your college roomie. Surprise your girlfriends – they’ll love the gesture!

Do Not Disturb that Phone: This one should be super easy. And yet it’s not. If you have a bad habit of unlocking your phone every second, I suggest turning the device completely off but if you’re like me, do not disturb mode will do. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed with my girls, it’s that we get so caught up in catching up that we don’t need to be on our phone!

One-on-One Time: We have different friends for different reasons. I really enjoy meeting the friends of my besties’ because it’s so great to put a face to a name. Really, try it, it’s actually so helpful!! But, at the end of the day, a little one-on-one action is the best ever!

Mark Your Calendar: Remembering a birthday is the cardinal rule (or so we would think) but I have a teacher bestie and I always want to send her a happy first day of school text. I also have friends with late parents and I want to reassure them I’m there for all moments if they need me. Know your gal & what’s important to her, set a reminder and be genuinely interested!

Actively Stay in Touch: This is a weird one – it’s so effortless to shoot a quick message but yet it’s tough to follow through. I like to send my friends a little reminder text as soon as I think about them – it’s genuine and always appreciated because they’re probably thinking about you too! I FaceTime my Little once a month since she’s still in college and I can’t see her often but Snapchat has been great in letting me see my near-and-dears’ faces as well as getting a look at their day.

I think it’s important to cherish those that your soul connects with. There are so few people who just get you and friendship should be forever, above all else. Our girls (and guys) are the family we get to choose so we should show them how much they mean to us…like all the time.

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