Sweet Sunday No. 21

Photo Aug 14, 12 51 00.jpg

The Good List: Memorizing daily thunderstorms, potato-egg-cheese tacos & pond walks.

What I’m Here For

Stay-Cation: My family was in town for vacation and I was the absolute worst. There were so many things going on in my personal life and I just couldn’t compartmentalize and have fun. I know one day I’m going to look back and regret being disconnected on one of the few fam-vacays we have left, but for now, I’m recovering and rejuvenating.

FRIENDS: Last week I talked about how to be present in a friendship. So some fun friend-date ideas that I’ve been thinking about are going out for brunch, going hiking, having a DIY day, driving to a small town for the day & laying out by the pool.

One Degree of Separation from Oprah: My favorite restaurant (literally ask anyone) in Orlando is Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming. I can’t get enough of their moonshine cocktails and southern comfort meals. I’ve taken family, colleagues, besties & boyfriends there. It’s simply the best. AND! I met the Chef Art Smith, who was Oprah’s personal chef, and I’ve never been so excited! I couldn’t form a sentence and my chicken sandwich almost fell out of my mouth. A truly special moment.

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