Fenway the Ballpark Weenie



IT’S A BOY! & a bit of a surprise! Yesterday, after a really long process, I finally received my sweet, miniature dachshund. His name? Fenway the Ballpark Weenie, but we’ll just call him Fenway.

I totally was unaware of the work that goes into nesting for a puppy – and no, I’m not going to be a dog-mom, we’re not that crazy.

So, here’s a checklist of everything I needed to nest for Fen…

Collar & Harness: Although I’ve never had a small dog (re: beagle and red heeler) I have had lionhead rabbits and had a harness from when I used to walk them. Although it’s not as comical to walk a dog as it is to walk a rabbit, the harness has come in super handy.

Leash: (re: harness)

Crate: I went all over the place and found the best crate for me at Walmart. However,I did find some great ones at Petco. However, I do not recommend going to Target, because there was nothing. Like at all.

Food & Water Bowls: I got the cutest speckled bowls at Target, so not great for crates but spectacular for speckles.

Bed: Again, I found the sweetest grey bed at Walmart, but PetSmart had some equally cute ones.

Plush Toys: This is where I was the happiest. It’s like buying toys for a baby! I bought everything from soft chickens and a blue pacifier. I’m so obsessed and am continuing to buy everything that I see because I have no control.

I can’t wait to share all of Fenway’s adventures with you! & please…any suggestions for training and caring for a pup, please share them with me!

Photo Apr 22, 14 09 27

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