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Call me brave or impulsive, but ever since I’ve announced my new role, I’ve loved where my head is at & how excited I am to move across the country again.

I’ve been dreaming of working in sports since I was in the womb so with a new job on my plate, I’ve had all the motivation in the world to literally get moving.

But…moving is hard, no matter how excited you are! So, after moving for the sixth time in four years and dubbing myself a professional packer, here’s a little game plan that’ll hopefully make your moving experience a little bit easier.

Plan: I can’t stress this enough. I’m not just talking Pinterest boards and complaining to your friends. I mean mapping out your boxes and creating a timetable of when and where you want things done. I asked for all the help – from my sister whose husband had a truck I could borrow for the big furniture to Jan driving my stuff to my new city when I had a quick starting turnaround. I also created an Excel sheet of what was in every box and numbered them so I knew what was going in which room – trust me it makes moving in so much easier.

Notify: Make a list of everyone who needs your new address like your bank and post office – three days before I left, I started forwarding my mail and it made life so much simpler. After you’ve moved, update your friends and family for invites, cards & love letter purposes.

Spring Cleaning: Whether you’re moving in the spring or not, it’s super stress relieving to clean while you pack. I got rid of so much crap while I was packing and was able to donate six bags of clothes to Goodwill. Not only did it lessen my load, but it also felt great to do something a little charitable and give back.

Get Excited: I’ve spent countless hours scoping out my new neighborhood and looking at all of the districts and eateries in the city that I want to try. I love going to new places & what better opportunity to be a tourist in your own city than when you’re a brand new resident?

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