Sweet Sunday No. 25

Photo Nov 03, 18 03 07

The Good List: A quest for clean countertops & finally getting the last box unpacked.

What I’m Here For

Love Bites: Fenway has been extra aggressive these days with his biting. I’ve done a lot of research but no techniques seem to work! So, if anyone has any advice on how to stop this teething fit he’s gotten into, please let me know! My puppy-mum friends have been so helpful and reassuring, so that alone is great. I just have to remind myself, F is only 4 months and we have a lifetime to go.

The Wurst: I took a break from cleaning and unpacking (yes, I’m still doing that) to head down to ATX and have a bier…or a few. It was a great back to work break. Which I know sounds ridiculous after only working for two weeks. Judge me.

Dirty Water: I am still reeling from the fact my team, my city won the World Series! It’s such an exciting time for the fans that have stuck through since the beginning and I haven’t quit smiling in the past week.

Photo Nov 05, 10 17 50


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