I Now Do Work I Love

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“I now do work I love & I am well paid for it”

Okay, now that I have stability in my life again, I’m going to get really real with you. I went without a job for four very long months. This wasn’t by choice…I was promised a role with the company I was working for and three months later, that role disappeared.

And I was devastated.

But, now I do work I love with the Dodgers and I am so stinkin’ happy because this is the job that I was made for.

So, confidence…it disappeared. I was unemployed & my lease was up so I was homeless. And how the heck was I supposed to interview and make myself seem like an asset a company needed to have?

Recognize the negativity: That little voice in the back of my head had never been more real in telling me how worthless I was. My conscience was telling me that I wasn’t a good fit because I hadn’t fit into roles I wasn’t made for. So, I added yet to the end of my negative thoughts. I wasn’t right for that role…yet. They didn’t need me…yet. & it really helped.

Celebrate the small victories: I am all for a glass of wine or a cute, new top whenever I’m doing well. When I got the first interview, I bought a large drink at Sonic. When I heard back to send in samples, I celebrated with a manicure. When I got a final interview, I went to Magnolia. Treating and letting myself become aware of how well I was doing, raised my confidence and got me excited for the next steps.

Keep up a side hustle: I needed to do something I was really good at to remind myself of my strengths. I helped college students edit their papers. I read up on how to do better at content creation and development. Coming back in touch with what I was undeniably good at, helped me develop the confidence I needed for the interviews and feel better about getting out of bed every morning.

My People: I told most people that I was in looking for somewhere to live, which was true. There were only a select few who I let know everything that was going on in my life…and damn I am grateful for my cheerleaders. I felt better telling my friends (and surprisingly ex-boyfriends from years past) about what was going on and felt better after venting.

With the confidence boosters and career-mentality changes that I made, I knew I was going to knock it out of the park in my next role. And now Fenway and I are thrilled to be here and see what the coming years bring!

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